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How To Add Kits On Unlicensed Teams [Tutorial]
Topic Started: Dec 2 2016, 06:02 PM (126 Views)
Abdur Rahman
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How to add kits on Unlicensed Teams

1- Create a folder. For example "patch"
2- Create a folder who he calling "common"
3- Create a folder "character0"
4- Create a folder "model"
5- Create a folder "character"
6- Create a folder "uniform"
7- Create a folder "team" and "texture"
8- Create a folder the ID Team who you want add kit (For example : Arsenal : 101)
9- Open "dt34.cpk" With PES File Explorer 2014 by
10- Search in "team" the folder "8" for example "8" is the ID Team for France.
11- Export all files in this folder "8" (8_DEF_1st_realUni.bin, 8_DEF_2nd_realUni.bin, 8_DEF_GK1st_realUni.bin) in the folder "patch"
12- Search in "texture" "u0008p1.dds" and export all "u0008p1_chest.dds", "u0008p1_back.dds", "u0008p1_leg.dds", "u0008p1_mask.dds" and "u0008p1_name.dds".
13- Repeate this steps for "u0008p2.dds" and "u0008g1.dds" and export these files to "texture" of the "patch" folder.
14- Go to "u0008p1.dds" and import the "kit.dds" of Arsenal's 2015 kits who you have download in internet.
15- Repeat this steps for "u0008p1_chest.dds" "chest.png", "u0008p1_back.dds" "back.png", "u0008p1_leg.dds" "leg.png", "u0008p1_mask.dds" "mask.png" and "u0008p1_name.dds" "name.png" and click "apply" to apply the new kit.
16- With a Hex editor, open "8_DEF_1st_realUni.bin" and modifiate all "u0008p1" to a ID Team you want (For example 101 for Arsenal : u0101p1) in file "8_DEF_1st_realUni.bin" and for "8_DEF_2nd_realUni.bin" (u0101p2) and "8_DEF_GK1st_realUni.bin" (u0101g1)
17- Save the modifiate "8_DEF_1st_realUni.bin" file.
18- Modifiate the file "8_DEF_1st_realUni.bin" to "101_DEF_1st_realUni.bin" (101 for Arsenal)
19- Rename all files (kit,chest,back,leg,mask,name) that belong to u0008p1.dds, u0008p2.dds, u0008g1.dds into u0101p1.dds, u0101p2.dds, u0101g1.dds so they look like this: "u0101p1.dds", "u0101p1_chest.dds", "u0101p1_back.dds", "u0101p1_leg.dds", "u0101p1_mask.dds", "u0101p1_name.dds" and "u0101p2.dds","u0101p2_chest.dds", "u0101p2_back.dds", "u0101p2_leg.dds", "u0101p2_mask.dds", "u0101p2_name.dds" and "u0101g1.dds", "u0101g1_chest.dds", "u0101g1_back.dds", "u0101g1_leg.dds", "u0101g1_mask.dds","u0101g1_name.dds"
20- To create a .cpk file : Open with "Cri Packed File Maker" and go to "Open the Base Directory for CPK File packing" the folder icon
21- Select "patch" and select "OK"
22- Select "Build CPK file..."
23- And modifiate "Data Align" to "2048", "File mode" - "Filename" and check "Mask directories information" and select "Start to Build"
24- After finish this step, he create "patch.cpk"
25- Copy the "patch.cpk" file to "Download" of "Pro Evolution Soccer 2015" File in steam folder.
26- and with the Hex editor, go to "DpFileList.bin" and add "patch.cpk"
27- Save the modifiate "DpFileList.bin"
Posted Image

28- And you should add the Arsenal's kits in a fake teams.

Posted Image

If you want to add Champions League kits in your game

1- With PES File Explorer 2014 open "dt34.cpk"
2- Go to "Common"-->"Character0"-->"Uniform"-->"Texture"
3- Find Paris Saint Germain's Champions League kits "c0114.dds" and export to the desk for example
4- Open "c0114.dds" and select "Import"
5- Select the Malmo Champions league kits "p1" file, "kit.png" file. and select "Open" for example.
6- Select "Apply"
7- Save the file or save as if you want to save the original file.
8- Change the "c0114.dds" to the ID Team you want to add the kit (For example "Almchendolf"-->"2293") "c2293.dds"
9- Copy the "c2293.dds" to "Patch" file to make Cpk File.
10- Return with PES File Exporer 2014 and select "Common"-->"Character0"-->"Uniform"-->"Team"
11- Find "114" file and select "114_CL_1st_realUni.bin" and Export the file to the desk
12- With a Hex Tool, change all "c0114p1" to "c2293p1" and Save the file
13- Change the "114_CL_1st_realUni.bin" to "2293_CL_1st_realUni.bin"
13- Copy the "2293_CL_1st_realUni.bin" file to the "Patch" file
14- After have create a cpk file the "Patch" file with "Cri Packed File Maker, go to the game and select "Champions League Mode" and select the Team "Malmo" (If you have this team in your patch) or Almchendolf team in PES League.
15- You will see the kit who you have add
16- Enjoy the game with Malmo Champions League kits !
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